Wellbeing Team

Many things in life can make us feel unwell and a medical prescription is not always the answer. We provide a form of medicine that doesn’t come in a bottle, but instead is shaped around helping you find: ‘What Matters to Me’  .

If you live with: low mood, financial difficulties, unsuitable housing, a long term condition, stress either at work or at home, you will know you have good days and bad.

Research shows that being part of a group, learning a new skill, volunteering or even a small amount of exercise can really boost your wellbeing, improve your confidence and self -esteem.

As a team we have a combined experience of nearly 40 years in supporting people with a wide range of problems both physical and low-level mental health. We are able to offer you support over a 12 week period either at home, on the telephone or in the community, where ever you feel most comfortable and at a pace that works for you. Together, we will look at what is important to you and your wellbeing, develop a Support Plan identifying how you can access national/local services and activities to help you reach your goals. From there, we can also look at how the team can give you further support in your journey.

If you feel like you would benefit from the service, are over 18 year’s old and a registered patient at either Houghton Regis Medical Centre, Wheatfield Surgery or Toddington Medical Centre; or are a professional and would like to refer someone, please contact us either via your surgery and speak to reception or contact us directly on 07305 178465 or alternatively 07985 104314.

Reviews from previous patients:

“Very supportive, patient and understanding. Helped both me and mum which I will always be grateful for.”

“Showed they really cared , listened to my mums needs and helped to access Social Services Support.”

“Medication helps me manage my life, Social Prescribing helped me live it.”

“Easy to contact and help was offered at anytime as needed.”

“Extremely helpful in recruiting other professionals to perform assessments and put strategies  and equipment in place. Very approachable with a caring attitude.”

“Picked me up when I was down, always available for support when I needed it, got me through a very dark time.”

“The service operated very well particularly in the initial stages when my wife and I found that we required some assistance They explained very clearly what my options were in a very helpful and supportive way.”

Meet the Team

  • Victoria Harding – Wellbeing Team Lead

    Hello, I’m Vicky and I lead the wellbeing team. A big part of my role is to create opportunities for you to receive the best possible support locally. I identify gaps in local provisions and work with existing or new community groups to create a service that bridges the gap. I have a wide range of community experience in both a healthcare setting  and the charitable sector, which have helped me to develop my practical skills and overcome the challenges of my current role.
    I am a trained Social Prescriber and enjoy offering support on a one to one basis to help and support you to achieve your goals. I am also a qualified Health Coach to offer you the tools and mindset to sustain the positive changes made by Social Prescribing intervention.
    It has been a whirlwind since the service was offered by Titan in January of 2020 supporting many of you during the Covid Pandemic to access services to support you through a very difficult year. The service has grown exponentially, to date offering personalised care to over 500 of you. It has been a privilege to be a part of helping you all achieve your individual goals and I am very much looking forward to the future.

  • Ruby Malhotra – Care Coordinator

    Hello, I’m Ruby and I am the Care Co-Ordinator for Titan PCN.
    My role is slightly different within the team. I also provide a holistic service and provide you with the support you need to improve your health and wellbeing, however my role focusses more on long term conditions.
    I can help you if you have been recently diagnosed with a long term health condition and wonder what happens next. I also provide support for people who are struggling with the reality of living with a long-term physical health condition
    I can help you to: access personal health budgets; benefits entitlement; provide support to access medical appointments; provide support or additional training for either yourself or those involved in your care; and provide you with a care plan to ensure both your long and short term needs are met.
    My role also allows me to meet with you on a one to one basis, at home or a place that suits you. I can then give you the time and information you need to support you and the people that are important to you both now and in the future. I work closely with GPs. clinicians and community groups to ensure you have easy access to all the support you need to help you along the way.

  • Imaan Anver – Social Prescriber

    Hi my name is Imaan, and I enjoy being a Social Prescriber as it allows me to find out what really matters to you!
    I provide non-medical holistic support to improve your wellbeing. I can offer support with your finances, give debt or benefits advice; offer nutritional and exercise advice; or social activities amongst others. I can also help you to make new friends, volunteer and learn new skills.
    My role allows me to meet with you on a one-to-one basis wherever you are most comfortable. Whether that is at home, over the phone or in the community, I can give you the time you need to tell me what is important to you and support you to find services that can really help.
    I work closely with GPs, secondary services and local community groups to connect you to the services that are “right for you” and offer support throughout your journey to help you achieve your goals.